May. 9th, 2013 10:33 am
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So I realized recently that my concept of blogging wasn't working anymore and while tumblr is a fun place to find great pictures and a good community (IN SOME WAYS) it's also home to a lot of incredibly intolerant people. It's also a terrible place to post any form of writing, and honestly BLOG, so I think while I will maintain my tumblr in the interest of posterity (and also because it's basically become an addiction) I will attempt to get back into a Real Blogging Habit.

This will be my blog for such things. And I will try to keep it as public as possible.

Eventually I would like to be a writer, be it a spoken word poet or an author, and I would like to be published. The only way I'm going to make that happen is by writing.

I'm also moving to Japan in July, so this will be a good place to talk about culture shock and adjusting to living as an outsider. It will be different. I am neurodivergent and for a host of other reasons have often felt like an outsider, but it has always been an internal feeling because many of my non-normative qualities are 'invisible,' so to speak. So moving to Japan will be the first time where I will be immediately recognizable as "not-from-around-here."

Welcome to my brain.
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